Meet Daneen

For over 20 years, Daneen has worked for a Fortune 50 company; the world's leader in information technology.

The constantly changing industry of technology has taught Daneen to learn constantly, problem-solve, and how to thrive in uncertainty.

After years of being on the verge of burnout, she is professionally more resilient, energized, and mentally sharp than years earlier because of discovering brain health, where all the power is to up-level your life and career.

As a formally trained speaker and coach, she is a personal advocate for brain health and mental wellness with decades of professional experience including brain-based certifications from the NeuroLeadership Institute, and Amen Clinics.

Daneen is often described as a pioneer, a provider, and an angel who arrives just at the right time with practical coaching to heal, protect, and grow the brain to support others' journey in discovering their best self.



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