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How I got Brain Healthy

October 11, 20221 min read

I started practicing brain healthy living eight years. Over the years, I've learned what protects, heals, and grows the brain.   

I went from scattered, foggy thinking to a level of productivity I never knew was possible.  Now I focus my time on what is brain-boosting.  

Here is what got me to the next level of clinically understanding the why, what, and how. Hopefully, it helps you in your pursuit of discovering more for yourself and your family.

8 Reasons

Here is how to take care of a concussion after the physician (or soccer coach) says to stay off the screens and rest.  

Could you have had a Mild brain injury as a kid and not even know it? Here is how you might find out it’s now contributing to your psychiatric, behavioral, or cognitive issues.

Daneen West

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