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Quarantined in Vegas

Covid-19 Pandemic
October 11, 20223 min read

I got Covid while on a work trip in Vegas. And no, hotel room service isn't all it's cracked up to be when you have zero appetites and the hotel water pipe breaks, leaving you with no shower, no working toilet, and you cannot wash your hands—the not-so-fabulous Vegas trip.

8 Reasons

Being on the 26th floor with no fresh air is a challenge, but one of the worst scares was how the hotel initially described how they quarantined a guest by pinning the door. "You can't leave the room, and no one can come in." WHAT!! Isn't that a fire hazard!?! What about water and food to keep me alive?!

Seven hours later, I learned that pinning the door means if you leave your room and the door closes behind you, you can not get back in, and all your stuff is thrown away. Phew...I guess that's a silver lining from my initial interpretation.

One brain-related symptom I experienced from Covid was emotions. Oh, the tears! I have not cried in a very long time, years, maybe. I like to think my brain goes to the positive so quickly that it doesn't give me enough time to cry. Some describe me as having a growth mindset on steroids.

  • The thought of my friend's daughter going off to University made me tear up.

  • The thought of how my team members would drop off water and soup, made me tear up.

  • Hearing my mother law was feeling tired made me tear up.

  • Missing my daughter's birthday made me cry.

Why all the tears? Because Covid activates the emotional part of the brain, the limbic system, this makes you more susceptible to anxiety and depression.  

To calm my limbic system, I meditated and did a lot of breathing exercises. Thankfully it lasted for only a day but others are not so lucky and have an unfortunate new nickname, Drama Queen. 

Here is what I did to fight Covid, and support my limbic system:

  1. SLEEP My Oura ring data was incredible in warning me. It picks up on increases in my temperature and heart rate monitoring. The data my ring provided offered validation, relief, and information to make better decisions.  

  2. FOOD I ate low-inflammation foods like grilled chicken, nuts, avocado, lettuce, carrots, and chicken noodle soup without the noodles due to the gluten. I beat my personal record of hydration with water and lemon to detoxify. 

  3. SUPPLEMENTS - I kept taking my vitamins to support my immune system and healing. MultiVitamin, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, Iron, and Curcumin.  

    The biggest silver lining (because I have several) is the connection and appreciation I feel for everyone who supported me. Human connection and positive relationships are proven to make a brain healthier and are linked to longevity. 

    Although quarantined 2331 miles from home, I didn't feel alone. My work family texted, called, and dropped off food, water, supplements, anti-bacterial wipes, covid tests, a thermometer, masks, and so many well wishes. It was incredible to see how people helped when I needed them the most. Some of you reading this now know I am talking about you! Thank YOU. Your outpouring of support was incredible and got me through the hardest parts with a smile.

Daneen West

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