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 The Relationship Between Sleep Quality & Vitamin D (Part 4)

March 13, 20234 min read

Relationship Between Sleep Quality & Vitamin D

Do you ever wake up feeling tired in the morning and thought you got in bed early enough, don't remember waking up throughout the night, and yet you're still tired?

If you are not getting good sleep, low Vitamin D levels could be to blame.

Researchers at LSU have found that more than 50% of the patients who came to their sleep clinic with sleep problems and chronic pain were deficient in Vitamin D. The study results also support a strong correlation between excessive daytime sleepiness and a lack of Vitamin D.

You may be thinking, how do I measure my Vitamin D and boost it for quality sleep? 

8 Reasons

After realizing the impact of nutrition on various aspects of my sleeping and waking experiences, I experienced quick and dramatic results with supplements. Your health situation may be different from mine, so it is best to first check with your doctor before adding supplements to your routine.

In the Sleep Boost, I'll rundown the most important things to keep in mind while exploring if a Vitamin D deficiency is a root cause of your sleep quality woes.

Our body has always depended on sunlight for its Vitamin D and for the needed cues to control the body's sleep and wake cycles.

Many of us sit inside all day in front of screens, limiting our body’s ability to get adequate amounts of Vitamin D from sun exposure, not realizing the impact on our sleep quality.

The sun is why people often refer to Vitamin D3 the “sunshine vitamin”. Note, you don’t absorb the sun’s Vitamin D3 when wearing sunscreen and clothes made with SPF.

According to the Journal of Investigative Medicine, vitamin D is often referenced as the “immunity vitamin” because the scientific findings showing its protective effects on keeping us healthy and less susceptible to infection.

Brain Boost: Supplement suggestion is Vitamin D.  

Supplementation and a limited number of foods provide Vitamin D to the body. Supplements have not always been part of my routine. I remember my kids having to stay home from daycare and my mom saying, “Daneen, I don’t understand; why are your kids always sick? You were never sick as a child.”

I have since learned the importance of trusting supplement brands and taking high-quality multivitamins, fish oil, and Vitamin D3. I get most of my family’s supplements from BrainMD.

Thank goodness I did. From 2017 thru 2021, my kids had not had a sick day from school, and 2017 was the year they started taking brain-boosting supplements. This does not include the time my son was sent home from school with a stomach ache - aka nauseous over his first crush. At the height of the pandemic, his symptom got him sent home from school and his sisters also booted for living in the same house. They all needed to test negative for Covid before returning back to school.  

With the threat of viruses and the emotional challenges of sickness, vitamin D is more important than ever.

The bad news is most Americans aren’t getting enough of it. According to a report in the Archives of Internal Medicinemore than 75% of American adults have low vitamin D levels. 

Do you know your Vitamin D level? It is an easy blood test most doctors routinely check.  

In 2020, I got my levels tested, and although I had been taking a multivitamin with D every day, my doctor told me I was low and needed to supplement.  

Make Vitamin D and your sleep quality a priority!

For the exact way I got started with supplements, go to the quiz to get a tailored recommendation based on your brain type.

Brain Health Assessment Quiz

I personally recommend the Vitamin D3 5000 I take.

It is highly potent and pure vitamin D3 that the body readily converts to a hormone important for the brain, heart and circulation, immunity, bone, muscle, lung, joints, kidneys, and overall vitality.

In closing, get your Vitamin D numbers from your primary physician and keep working on getting quality sleep.

Take Good Care (of your noggin),

~ Daneen

Reflect: What might be negatively impacting your sleep quality?

A Vitamin D3 supplements might make all the difference for you. Knowing if I get enough quality sleep gives me a starting point to positively change the trajectory of your longevity, success, and happiness.

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