Bring Your Best

To Life

With A Coach

Are you tired of trying to figure things out on your own, only to be left with more questions than answers?

You Are Too Close to You

Sometimes, we become our own worst critics, and our brains have a tendency to focus on the negative. But here's the good news: you can override that bias.

By consistently feeding your brain with the latest research, uplifting teachings, and positive coaching, you can cultivate a mindset that leads to remarkable results.

Ditch the DIY Approach

There's no shortage of information out there, but sifting through it all can be overwhelming. Why waste your precious time and energy trying to piece together the puzzle on your own? With coaching, you'll gain new insights and experience breakthroughs like never before.

Where Will you be a Year from Now?

Stop spinning your wheels and start taking action.

If you're tired of mulling things over in your head without making progress, coaching is your solution.

It's for those who refuse to waste any more time and are ready to make the necessary shifts to achieve real results. Imagine where you could be one year from now with the guidance of a skilled coach.

Get a Coach, My Strength, Your Advantage

When you get a coach, you gain access to a supportive and transformative experience.

Think of it as having a therapist, best friend, and accountability coach all rolled into one. No need to wait on long waitlists or haggle with insurance. Brain-based coaching is designed to provide you with positive feedback, new insights, and the guidance you need to thrive.

Coaching Client Testimonials

Collapse Your Timeline with Coaching

Don't wait any longer to reach your next level of success. Collapse your timeframe and achieve greater levels of sleep, focus, calm, and energy by getting a coach. It's time to invest in yourself and unlock your full potential.

Remember, your success is about more than just you. When your brain is focused, creative, mindful, calm, and energized, everyone around you benefits. By prioritizing your own mental health and well-being, you become a role model for your loved ones. Show your children the importance of taking care of their brains and watch as they thrive alongside you.

"I came to Daneen overwhelmed and uncertain of my next steps. She helped me clarify my goals, silence the negative self-talk, and take meaningful action toward creating the life I want. As a bonus, I looked forward to our meetings — she's like a best friend, therapist, and brain expert all rolled into one." - Shannon

About Daneen West

After years of being on the verge of burnout in the high-stress always-on technology industry, I am professionally more resilient, energized, and mentally sharp than decades earlier because of discovering great sleep and mental wellness.

Certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Amen Clinics, and the NeuroLeadership Institute, I am compelled to provide the opportunity for others to ease anxiety, boost focus, and finally work on their sleep struggles.

I love when I am described as a pioneer, an inspiration, and an angel who arrives just at the right time to provide hope and results!

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