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Ready to Make Mental Wellness a Priority?

Life can be hard. The past few years has brought mental wellness to the forefront.

We have discovered at a whole new level that we need to take good care of ourselves and brain health is the path. I am the type of coach for those who want to change your life and achieve greater health, wellness, and impact.

Success comes from your brain’s ability to do its best thinking, feeling and doing; as easily and as fast as possible.

The brain is delicate, complex and powerful to run every moment of our lives with the feelings of focus, energy, and calm.

To change your brain, you need a guided path to grow! I coach you through it.


But maybe you're doubting where to start, and it feels stressful while incredibly important with goals such as restorative sleep, and mastering your morning for focus, energy and calm.

All of life’s obligations and distractions can slow you down.  

That's why a brain health coach helps you carve out the time, gives you the tools and accountability to handle the overwhelm and uncertainty BETTER.

You have to boost your brain to handle life's challenges, especially when
MORE is doable when you protect and and grow the brain.

Discover Your Brain Type

We set aside 60-Minutes to discover why your brain type determines the supplements and habits you may need to best protect and grow your brain.

Personalized Strategy

We meet three additional times to plan and start working on a customized strategy that works with your brain type and lifestyle. These result-based coaching sessions help bring about your best thinking and make the steps clear to radically improve your work and life with better mental wellness.

Science-backed research and resources are shared along the way to support you and where ever you are in your journey to your best self.

"I came to Daneen overwhelmed and uncertain of my next steps. She helped me clarify my goals, silence the negative self-talk, and take meaningful action toward creating the life I want. As a bonus, I looked forward to our meetings — she's like a best friend, therapist, and brain expert all rolled into one." - Shannon


Coaching includes:

  • Coaching comes with five 1-hour live sessions including:

    • A curated personal coaching experience with session notes and resource links

    • A Goal creating workshop

    • Discover your Brain Type and your Brain Fit Score

    • Draft a strategy of micro-steps to put you and your loved ones on a path to results

    • Dopamine-driven inner motivation that keeps you implementing and moving forward

    Finally, a real coach that helps you grow in every area of your life. 

About Daneen West

After years of being on the verge of burnout in the high-stress always-on technology industry, I am professionally more resilient, energized, and mentally sharp than decades earlier because of discovering brain health.

Certified through the Amen Clinics and the NeuroLeadership Institute, brain health has up-leveled every area of my life, and I am compelled to provide the opportunity for others to ease anxiety, boost focus and finally work on their sleep struggles.

I love when it when I am described as a pioneer, an inspiration, and an angel who arrives just at the right time to provide hope and results!

Want to hear from a couple of my coaching clients? Watch their video testimonials.

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