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There's no shortage of information out there, but sifting through it all can be overwhelming. Why waste your time and energy trying to piece together the puzzle on your own?

Where will you be 6 months from now?

Stop spinning your wheels and start taking action.

If you're tired of mulling things over in your head without making much progress, it may be time for a coach.

Brain Health Coach Framework for Results

This integrated discussion combines the physical aspects of brain health with the psychological aspects of leadership and personal development. All while being guided by scientific research, tools, and routines to produce results tailored to your life.

Get a Coach for Self-Discovery and Performance

In my role as a coach and guide my curiosity and questioning guide the insights. I have a gift for listening and intuitively sharing comprehensive guidance.

I am known for my problem-solving and ability to distill brain health into relatable and accessible insights for work and life.

Brain Health Coach's unique blend of experience, tools, and approach allows you to transform on a journey of self-discovery and performance.

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Brain Health Coach Framework

Brain Health as the Foundation: Drawing from the Amen Clinics' approach, this Brain health Coach framework emphasizes the importance of a healthy brain. We address aspects like nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management, recognizing that a well-functioning brain is crucial for effective leadership and personal well-being.

Neuroscience-Informed Strategies: Integrating NeuroLeadership's principles, the coaching approach applies cutting-edge neuroscience to understand how your brain works in a professional context. It focuses on how neural processes influence decision-making, problem-solving, and emotional regulation, tailoring strategies to enhance these cognitive functions.

Goal-Oriented and Results-Driven: True to the Result-Based Coaching philosophy, this approach sets clear, measurable goals. We work to define specific outcomes you want to achieve, whether in your personal development, leadership skills, or organizational impact.

Personalized Action Plans: Each coaching plan is highly personalized. It takes into account the individual's brain health assessment and their unique neurological makeup, ensuring that the strategies and tools provided are tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Developing Self-Awareness and Mindfulness: Central to this approach is the cultivation of self-awareness and mindfulness. Clients are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of their thought patterns, emotional responses, and habitual reactions, using this awareness to make more mindful, informed decisions.

Building Resilience and Adaptability: The framework places a strong emphasis on developing strategies, routines, and adaptability. Through various techniques and tools, clients learn to navigate stress and be more effective. Continuous

Feedback and Adaptation: Reflecting the dynamic nature of brain science and results, the coaching process is iterative. Regular feedback sessions ensure that the coaching remains responsive to the client’s evolving needs and the changing demands of their professional environment.

Empowerment and Sustainability: Finally, the coaching approach aims to empower clients not just in the short term but for sustainable change. By instilling practices that maintain brain health and are embedded into their daily routine, clients are equipped to continue their growth independently.

Your Brain Health Coaching is designed to collapse timeframes, propelling you toward your goals with newfound clarity and energy.

When your brain is at its peak — focused, creative, mindful, calm, and energized — it creates a ripple effect of positivity and alignment around you.

1:1 Personal Coaching

30-Minute Session


60 Minute Session


Four 60 Minute Sessions


"I came to Daneen overwhelmed and uncertain of my next steps. She helped me clarify my goals, silence the negative self-talk, and take meaningful action toward creating the life I want. As a bonus, I looked forward to our meetings — she's like a best friend, therapist, and brain expert all rolled into one." - Shannon

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